Alan Yurko

This past week I received an email from a prisoner at a Florida correctional institution. Accused of "Shaken Baby Syndrome", that is shaking his own infant son, "Baby Alan?", to death, Alan Yurko is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. But Yurko insists that the true cause of death was a vaccination reaction, the result of 6 vaccines given simultaneously two months after his birth. Since the baby was born prematurely, the age since conception - or ?gestational age? - at the time he was immunized with a cocktail that included DPT, Hib, OPV, and hepatitis was 43 weeks. As two medical doctors who have reviewed the case in some detail reported, "Within 24 hours of the immunizations the baby developed intermittent diarrhea, irritability, and feverishness, a pattern which progressed into the terminal illness."

As related by the mother, about 10 or 11 days following the vaccines the baby developed a high-pitched cry, and its skin became warmer to the touch. Having been forewarned during the previous office visit that these things might ensue following the vaccines, she did not become overly alarmed. However, she also noticed an increasing lethargy and a falling off of the baby's feeding patterns, which had been a combination of breast and formula.

This pattern continued for 3 days until the morning of November 24, when the father was alone at home with the baby and his 4-year old sister. In rapid succession the father observed that the baby began wheezing, then spit up, then stopped breathing. In efforts to restart breathing the father first lightly slapped the baby's face, then began spanking the baby's bottom while holding him by the heels, all without success.?

Alan rushed his son to the hospital where he was initially resuscitated - but his condition was very critical. 75 hours after being admitted to the emergency room, Baby Alan was dead.

When first reading about this tragic story, I was filled with many somewhat contradictory feelings: horror at what had happened to this child and his family, sympathy for the victims, anger at the medical and pharmaceutical establishment for the widespread, compulsory vaccination policies that expose infants and children - those with most fragile and vulnerable immune systems - to profound toxic insults, and also skepticism about the validity of the father?s claim... How could I be sure that, in fact, I wasn?t being taken in by a clever con?

But subsequently, several things have all but convinced me that Alan Yurko?s claim is indeed true. First, a careful reading of the information on a website that has been established to assist Alan in his legal struggles is rather convincing. There are detailed medical reports about the baby?s reaction and death along with relevant information on vaccination side-effects. Hundreds of healthcare professionals along with many layperson have come together to form a support network for Alan and his family. They are providing medical expertise for the defense, financial support for the legal battles as well as the family, publicizing his case and facilitating communications between Alan and the outside world.

Secondly, and more subjectively, several colleagues have followed the case for some time and their initial skepticism has all but disappeared. One has even been in contact with his wife and become a strong supporter.

However poignant the tragedy that has befallen the Yurko family, hopefully it will ultimately serve a purpose by raising the awareness of the general public about the dangers of immunizations.

Below is a partial text of the email that I received:

Vaccines are licensed for use in healthy individuals only. My son Alan was vaccinated despite several contra-indications. He was a premature baby weighing only 5lb 9oz at birth. My wife's pregnancy was complicated with maternal gestational diabetes, and group B streptococcal infection (which in itself poses a high risk of infant death). My son suffered in his short life from pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome, and hyperbilirubinemia. Despite all of this he was given a cocktail of vaccines at eight weeks of age.

The day after he was vaccinated, my baby developed a fever and started to fuss. Ten days later he elicited a high pitched scream. We were told to expect this and not to worry. A couple of days later he stopped breathing. I rushed my baby to the hospital where he died after several severe iatrogenics took place (iatrogenic diseases are those caused by physicians). Because we could not explain his injuries, and because I was the last adult alone with him, I was charged with aggravated child abuse and first degree murder. We could not afford counsel; our lawyers were public defenders.

If that wasn't enough, our four-year-old daughter was taken by the authorities to 'protect her' from I - the accused who was in a maximum security facility without bond. She was used by the police and authorities to threaten and blackmail my wife to help them fabricate evidence and testify against me. My wife adamantly refused to do this. She was charged as an accessory to murder and our daughter was placed in extended custody. Here, she was sexually battered and molested when her 'protectors' left her unsupervised with two boys who had a history of deviant behavior. My wife's charges were dismissed after great effort and cost and our daughter was returned. They both fight every day to bring our family together and have been fighting since 1997.

More recently, we discovered that one of the vaccines given to my son - DTAP - was from a batch of vaccines that stands as the number one ranking in deaths, the number one ranking in non-recoveries, and the fourth ranking in total events reported. DTAP 7H81507, which was given to my baby was a Hot Lot.

Since my conviction, I have rallied the support of an armada of scientists, doctors, and organizations which support my innocence. Doctors and scientists from 15 countries, including the US, have stood up to support us... We have numerous reports from experts whom after record review, have declared my innocence. Many are up in arms at the iatrogenic implications shown in the records...

In addition, groups and organizations involved in health freedom and awareness are taking a stand to help us show this injustice and maybe prevent it from happening to others. There are many other families, like mine, who are being destroyed.?

In earnest, Alan R Yurko Family and Supporters

For the full text of his letter , medical reports related to the baby's death and other relevant information go to


UPDATE - 2007, 7 years later:

Alan Yurko and thousands of supporters worldwide are rejoicing. After winning a landmark legal battle in Orlando, Florida last August, Alan was freed after seven years in prison. Yurko was convicted of murdering his newborn son by the so-called Shaken Baby Syndrome. However, hundreds of doctors, scientists, and health-freedom activists were able to overturn Yurko’s conviction as new evidence uncovered proved his baby was killed by bad vaccines (hot-lots), hospital overdoses of heparin, other drugs, and bad medicine. Equally disturbing was the fact that the coroner, Dr. Shashi Gore, cross-contaminated the autopsy with other cadavers, body parts, and data. Orlando Judge Alan Lawson threw out the murder conviction and gave a strong televised oral opinion noting five separate issues, which included prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective assistance of counsel, new evidence, and of course the disturbing medical issues. “I don’t know how you can maintain public trust in a system of justice if you let stand a conviction obtained through the reliance of an autopsy that’s so later thoroughly discredited,” said Lawson to the court and the public. A special plea-bargain was arranged, and Yurko was released hours later into a sea of TV cameras and dozens of supporters who flew to Orlando to witness the event, some from as far away as Australia and Great Britain.