A Case of Rheumatoid Arthritis

When Miriam was a freshman in college, she became acutely ill at the end of the first semester and landed in the school infirmary for a week. Although there was no diagnosis and no antibiotic treatment, in retrospect the symptoms indicated it was probably strep throat. Miriam did get over it and went back to school.

Her illness had actually been the culmination of a turbulent year. As a senior in high school, she had developed full body hives that were treated with prednisone. Then, the summer before college, her boyfriend was paralyzed after breaking his neck. Even though she was soon off to college, Miriam was dedicated to helping him through the tragedy. She 'poured everything into giving him a lift' that first year away.

Treating the Monks of Monywa

In November of last year, riot police descended on six camps of protesters outside the town of Monywa, near Mandalay in Upper Burma. Since the summer, a coalition of activists, monks and local people had been demonstrating against a mining project in the area which was a joint venture of a Chinese corporation and a company owned by the Myanmar military.1 In the biggest organized expression of dissent since democratic reforms were instituted by the government, the protesters were challenging the project because it has resulted in environmental degradation, forced relocations and the confiscation of 7800 acres of land. Demanding a closure of operations, they set up camps in the area and were disrupting work with lines of armed linked protesters that impeded the movement of trucks.