The Center for Homeopathy

of Northern New Mexico

3 North Chamisa Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico 505-557-6470


Relief from the pain and suffering of illness;

Gentle restoration and preservation of health and well-being.

These are the gifts that homeopathy has to offer.

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Our Practice

Our practice reflects thirty years of experience in the healing arts and an ongoing commitment to deliver the highest quality homeopathic healthcare.

Our Facilities

Our office is located 20 minutes from downtown Santa Fe, off of Route 285 near Eldorado.

Online Consultations

Video conference technology has made it possible to provide consultations to people who live literally anywhere in the world.


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3 North Chamisa Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87508

Telephone: 505-557-6470


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The Center for Homeopathy is located 20 minutes outside of Santa Fe off of Route 285, near Eldorado.


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