Dr. Samuel Hahnemann                              Monument

            Dr. Samuel Hahnemann                              Monument


Homeopathic treatment offers anyone in need of health care the potential of a deep and lasting cure. Our personal experiences as students, patients and practitioners of homeopathy has shown over and over again that it can promote dramatic changes on the physical, emotional and mental levels. Very few methods of health care can offer such a profound hope to the prospective patient.

Homeopathy has a unique set of principles which forms the basis of its application as a healing art. It also possesses a rich history as well as an international tradition that provides an enormous background of data and experience to guide the practitioner.

Long term positive results can best be expected when treatment is carried out in accordance with these tenets and based on the accumulated experience of countless homeopaths and their patients over the last two hundred years. Often, our common attitudes towards illness and the conventional wisdom of modern medicine differ drastically from the homeopathic perspective. It is essential for both the patient and practitioner not to lose sight of these differences so they can hold fast to a curative course of treatment.

This document presents the theoretical and historical aspects of homeopathy. By becoming familiar with this information, the coherence and logic of the system will become clearer. In turn, this will allow those new to homeopathy to feel more at ease.