Patient Testimonials

I am not wet behind the ears when it comes to homeopaths. I’ve been to a lot of good ones in the last forty years. Some of them were the ninety-year old variety who really knew their stuff. Back in 1991, when I first moved to Vermont, Julian Jonas was pretty much the only homeopath that I could get to in less than two hours – so I went to him, and I took my kids to him whenever they got sick, until I left the state in 2005. My first visit involved a bout of broncho-pneumonia. He nailed my constitutional remedy and after that I didn’t have to check in with him too much – until 2004.

By that time my life was making me sick. The symptoms are irrelevant at this point. Suffice it to say I drove down to see Julian and we did a videotaped consultation that lasted over an hour. After it was over he said that it would take a week for him to review the film and come up with a clear diagnosis. To make a long story short, at the end of a week he told me that the hole in my face, along with the story that I told, led him to change my constitutional remedy from Rhus Tox to Diamond.

It took one dose to heal my face and my life. Because of this, I can’t say enough about Julian. If you’re looking for a good homeopath, one who does great honor to the ones who came before him, you won’t find a better one this close to home.
— Cal Garrison
I have dealt with insomnia and anxiety my entire life. I have consulted many doctors and was always given many sedating prescription medications. While taking these meds, I lost my ability to concentrate, maintain a full time, and started having anger outbursts that were out of control. In 2013, I stared learning about homeopathy and knew that this was the route to pursue because it treats the whole person from within and not just the symptoms of an illness. One year ago, a dear friend referred me to Julian. We work together via face time seeing we live in 2 different states.

We started a remedy in August 2016. Julian’s patience, knowledge, and compassion was just what I needed as he reminded me that my healing was a journey and that he “was not here to judge.” My healing journey with Julian by my side is an answer to prayer. I am now completely off all prescription medication and I feel great! I am actually sleeping at night, which is dream come true. I feel alive for the first time in my life! My prayer was answered when God sent Julian my way. Thanks Julian for assisting me in my healing journey.
— Stephanie
I began working with Julian seven years ago for help with mood swings related to depression and anxiety. Within a few months, I was on a much more “even keel”. I have continued to meet with Julian on a regular basis. He has greatly improved the quality of my life.
— Bruce Clement

Each time I come to see Julian, I realize how much I like his style of working. I have a chance to voice all my conerns. The homeopathic approach to health, along with vitamins and herbal supplement according to my needs, have made a big difference in my life.
— Carol Guerringue

I have suffered from severe, year around hay fever and allergies for 50 years. This has often been debilitating and ultimately forced me to abandon a career as an airline pilot.

I have taken strong antihistamines for the better part of those 50 years. 25 years ago I discovered I was sensitive to dairy products and by absolutely eliminating them from my diet obtained partial relief.

3 years ago I began treatment with Julian Jonas at the Center for Homeopathy of Southern Vermont. I experienced immediate relief and a near-cessation of my hay fever and allergy condition as well as several other conditions.

The most telling change is that I can eat cheese for the first time in 25 years and my friends no longer have to cater to my former intolerance of all milk-based foods.
— Creighton Smith

Julian has had amazing results helping my daughter. When my daughter was a toddler, Julian’s remedy entirely cured her eczema. More recently, my daughter had struggled with months of serious insomnia, and neither her pediatrician nor a therapist were able to help us resolve the problem. Julian’s remedy finally did the trick — since taking the remedy, she has been able to fall asleep with ease and to sleep peacefully all night long.
I had approached homeopathy quite skeptically, but Julian’s patience, knowledge, and amazing results have convinced me that traditional Western medicine does not have all of the answers. He has helped our families with all sorts of ailments and helped us to avoid taking unnecessary medications.
— Debra

My name is Don and I am a retired fire fighter of over 30 years. While on the job, I had a rash that was irritating yet controllable with medication from my doctor. That all changed when I took an antibiotic, had a flu shot, and breathed in a lot of smoke from burning plastics at a fire I went to in 2005. My immune system was compromised and I suffered with a severe rash that encompassed my whole body putting me out of work for 5 months. During that time, I was under treatment by another homeopath who helped me to clear the rash up. But then about 2 years later it came back and this time the rash would not clear up. At that time, I was referred to Julian.

When I finally went to Julian, I was overweight, suffering miserably from the rash, depression, and extreme leg cramps. Over a period of months, Julian was able to ascertain the root of the problem from numerous discussions with me. In time, through the use of homeopathic remedies and other products, my cramping and anxiety were brought under control. Further discussions with Julian revealed that I was caught in a vicious cycle of eating comfort foods, having mood swings, and fighting manic depression. Julian explained that the carbohydrates were playing a negative role in my behavior and to get my weight and behavior under control, I would have to completely eliminate carbohydrates. By heeding his advice and sticking to it, I lost 40 pounds and have kept it off eating protein and vegetables.

I read an article in which the author said if you are sick or not feeling well, who would you rather go to – a doctor who is over-booked and is in a hurry to give you medication which will mask symptoms or someone who looks holistically at your whole makeup and gets to the root of the problem? Wanting to get to the root of the problem, I chose to work with Julian Jonas. His professionalism and dedication to constantly upgrade his craft is inspiring. He has helped me so much. My rash, the depression and anxiety are gone. The excruciating cramping is under control and I now have peace of mind that has helped me to move ahead with life.

I would recommend Julian Jonas to anybody who wants to get better through homeopathy. Give Julian a chance and yourself too.
— Don Partington

My nephew and his wife have four children and one of their sons was struggling with temper tantrums and was clearly frustrated and unhappy. He never smiled.
My sister referred them to Julian and after taking his remedy it was as if someone turned a light switch. He was calm and it was the first time I had seen him smile! If you could get these results without giving your child drugs, why wouldn’t you try it? We are very thankful for Julian’s help.
— Deb Brosseau
Our 12 year old daughter Charlotte had a severe cough for 8+weeks which left her both exhausted and frowned upon by everyone around her. We took her to our regular doctor twice but both antibiotics and over-the-counter medications failed to improve this condition. A chest X-Ray was taken but no abnormalities showed. We were referred to Julian Jonas by a friend and as skeptical as we were in regards to the effectiveness of homeopathy we felt we had nothing to lose. Julian spend almost 2 hours talking with Charlotte and her mother about her general disposition and a day later provided us with a remedy. Much to our surprise she improved almost immediately and within 3 days was completely without a cough. It never returned and she is feeling wonderful. We will definitely consider homeopathy much earlier on in our medical needs from now on. It was a painless, non-invasive treatment that took her whole being in consideration. We were treated with respect and all our questions were answered in an honest and forthright matter. We have since highly recommend Julian Jonas to several friends and will continue to do so.
— Elisabeth and Todd Brown

After having major surgery for cancer 15 years ago, I developed severe insomnia that nothing seemed to help. Trying to sleep each night became such an ordeal. Additionally, my general health suffered as I was continually suffering from respiratory problems and other ailments probably related to my lack of restful sleep. I began seeing Julian in ‘09 and since then my sleep pattern has greatly improved along with my general health and vitality
— Ellen Clement

I have been working with Julian for over a decade, and am very happy about that. I find him to be a master in his field. It takes a very fine sense of intuition and a tremendous amount of study and experience to make a good homeopathic doctor, and Julian has these qualities.

The results of my course of treatment with him have been effective in several ways. One is that I have found relief from ordinary symptoms (for instance, after my first remedy, I did not get a cold or the flu for 3 years, when usually I would get quite sick several times a year).

The other more important way is that I have found within myself the courage and determination to grow as a person, to face uncomfortable situations and to use them to grow. I am quite certain that the homeopathic remedies have contributed greatly to my life in this way.
— Eric Baierlein

In 1998 I became a client of Julian Jonas, which ended a five-year search to find help. I had been misdiagnosed by mainstream medicine. The recommended treatment had been total destruction of my thyroid by nuclear radiation. Within months of that procedure, I had put on 100 pounds and had many physically debilitating side-effects.

I had covered 3 states and seen many ‘specialists’, but was always told, “I’m sorry but I can’t help you.” Going to Julian’s office (hobbling in on a cane) was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
I knew nothing about homeopathy, but was much encouraged by the my first visit. Julian sat and listened attentively while I unfolded my health history. When I got up to leave, he said, “I can help you and I want to help you.”

I no longer walk with a cane, have gone back to work full time and 90% of my complaints have disappeared. I am confident that with Julian’s help I am going to continue successfully on my journey to full recovery.
I still don’t know how homeopathy works, but do know the expert who does, and am forever grateful for all his help.
— Faith Holbrook

I first went to Julian Jonas with a bad knee and a repetitive motion injury to my elbow, both of which had been a problem for over a year despite having been treated by other doctors. Julian used auricular acupuncture and both problems healed completely. The acupuncture also helped alleviate chronic bad headaches.

When I noticed that my heartbeat was irregular and skipping beats, I went to Julian again. Through energetic testing and a supplement regimen he has given me, my general energy level and health quickly improved. Now, I feel fresher when I wake up in the morning and my energy level is better and more consistent all day. My heartbeat is also regular again. I am really amazed how much he has been able to do for me.
— Fraser Cooper-Ellis

I first went to see Julian Jonas in 1990 to be treated for seasonal allergies. Prior to this I had been receiving allergy shots, which had done nothing to improve my condition. Julian successfully treated my allergy symptoms using homeopathic remedies. I have continued to see Julian regularly since that time and he has treated me effectively for a number of things including joint problems, depression and anxiety. I also believe that after years of continuous treatment from Julian my immune system has become much stronger.
— Gretchen Abendschein

12 years ago I left the teaching world to pursue the career of a self-employed artist. Not having health benefits I began to look at alternative health care options and discovered homeopathy and Julian Jonas.

Over the course of these past 12 years working with Julian, my thyroid disease has disappeared and my arthritis has subsided dramatically. I take no medications. Through Julian’s counsel, remedies and supplements my immune system is strong, and I have become closely connected to my inner self and what keeps my body and mind healthy.

I found that Julian worked with me as an individual -to find those specific connections for my body, mind and inner spirit to help me stay strong in all aspects of my life – even including my art!
When my daughter began to have panic attacks a few years ago she also went to Julian and he helped her through these bouts and she has remained “panic-free”. Her husband saw these dramatic results and he too has become a homeopathy convert.

During these past 12 years working with Julian Jonas I have learned a lot about what keeps me healthy, centered and content.
— Jeanne Maguire Thieme Fine Art

Homeopathy with Julian Jonas saved my life, and that is the truth.

My story starts in 1994. I was a new mother, and was depressed and was catching every virus and bacterial infection that came along. I was taking the most expensive antibiotics money can buy and was getting desperate. A friend of mine had discovered Julian Jonas, and he helped her with a bad skin problem. So I thought I would give homeopathy a try.

It worked better than I could ever have hoped. I took my first remedy and then my partner and I went to dinner. During the meal, within an hour, I started to feel better. My depression melted away that night, and my sinus infection was gone within 2 days.

In the 17 years that I have been in treatment with Julian, I have not had any serious lapses into depression and I have not had any serious infections or illnesses. It seems like a miracle, but the truth is that Julian really is a very skilled homeopath. I have recommended him to many people over the years.
— Jennifer Williams

I have found Homeopathy most helpful in solving long-standing problems that have not responded to the usual treatments. I recommend Homeopathy to anyone interested in maintaining improved health with ‘side-effect’ free remedies at a lower cost.
— Joan Bernhard

For many years I suffered from seasonal allergies from certain tree pollens and flowers, some weeds, dogs and cats. Fresh mowed grass and hay were some of my worst enemies in the summer. My eyes would become itchy, red and swollen, my nose always running and I had terrible sinus pain. I was also diagnosed with depression and took a prescription medication. My husband, who has been seeing Julian for about 10 years now, convinced me that Julian could help me with my allergies and help me get away from the prescription medication.

I met with Julian about 5 years ago and we discussed me, my health and my allergies. It was a very interesting long meeting, consisting of just talking so he could get to know who I am. With the information that he gathered, he was able to figure out a remedy for my allergies and the depression. The remedy is designed for me and not a generic over the counter drug for just anyone. My allergies are almost non-existent now. I can work in the yard and mow the lawn without suffering. I still have a sniffle once in a while if I play with a dog too long or I go into a house where a cat lives but now I don’t suffer with the swollen eyes and runny nose and sinus pressure. It took about a half year to wean me off the prescription drug. I no longer take any prescription medications of any kind and I feel great.

About a year and a half ago I lost one of my sons in an accident. The first thing my medical physician did was give me a prescription for a sedative to keep me calm. She knew I wouldn’t take it but she thought she was helping. I called Julian and went to see him. We talked for a while and I left with a remedy. That remedy helped me through the next couple of weeks. I was able to be part of what was happening and not incapacitated as the drugs would have done to me. I’m so thankful to him for getting me through the toughest tragedy I’d ever faced.

I see Julian about every 7 – 8 weeks. We talk and when we’re finished talking he gives me a remedy he feels is right for me. He has made me see how valuable my health is and how easy it is to keep myself healthy by changing some habits and life styles. I cook differently and eat differently and I have never been this healthy in body and mind. Over the last 5 years I have had one cold that didn’t even keep me home from work. I feel better about myself and my health and I owe this to Julian. I know he is there when I need him and he has made me a healthier and happier person. Thank you Julian.
— Kathy S

“As a result of parasites that went undiagnosed for five years (despite countless visits to myriad M.D.s), I ended up with interstitial cystitis. The parasites damaged the lining of my bladder, thus allowing urine to leak through the bladder wall. This resulted in almost constant discomfort and occasional sharp pain. The urologist I consulted said that there was no treatment other than using an anaesthetic that must be taken orally. The Interstitial Cystitis Association had no therapies to recommend, either. At that point, I turned to Julian. Thanks to his expertise and homeopathy, I live most days pain-free and am able to manage occasional flare-ups. Julian worked with me to find the right remedy and the right potency. Using homeopathy takes patience, but when you and your homeopath find the right remedy, its healing power is remarkable!

My daughter suffered stomach pain for several years. The discomfort made her lethargic and often reluctant to go to school and participate in after-school activities. There were days when she was so uncomfortable that she would lie on the couch with her knees pulled up to her chest. We consulted several M.D.s and ran many tests. Meanwhile, Julian had tried several remedies that had not relieved the pain. He suggested that we try an elimination diet to rule out food allergies or sensitivities. Although my daughter had tested negative for food allergies, Julian patiently explained that allergies and sensitivities do not always show up in blood tests because they do not always create an immunological response. After three days without any dairy products, my daughter felt significantly better. The red circles under her eyes disappeared, and her energy level increased at an almost miraculous rate. As it turns out, she is lactose intolerant! Julian has helped my daughter’s life return to normal. What a blessing
— Kim Friedman

Although I don’t completely understand how it works, I do know that my homeopathic care has been responsible for the gradual improvements in my symptoms of fibromyalgia. I have increased energy, fewer mood swings, more normal bowel movements, a decrease in muscle spasms and tightness, and an overall feeling of calm that I had forgotten existed….

My trust in Julian’s expertise has been a life changing experience. The ‘less is more’ concept of homeopathy has altered my world view. I depend less on immediate, physical evidence to validate whether or not a treatment is helping me. Instead, I have developed trust in the terrific power of energetics to heal on the deepest level. It is often more subtle, and thus is harder to discern – but only at first. The longterm effects…have bolstered my overall health and wellbeing
— Lisa Burke

Julian’s work has hit the mark for many of the referrals I have made to him over the last ten years.

Whether one is affected by symptoms that are primarily physical or emotional in nature, in my experience, relief is often achieved through his homeopathic interventions. The results can be quite astonishing in many cases, but patience may be required.

It is an excellent first choice for treating many, many conditions, often eradicating the need for medications, surgery or living with the discomfort of a seemingly chronic condition.
— Lyn Higgins, MSW, LICSW

A friend highly recommended Julian Jonas to me many years ago when my young son was suffering from seasonal allergies. The allergy symptoms were so severe that prescription medication seemed to be my only option. I did some research on homeopathy and decided to give it a try. Julian prescribed a constitutional remedy for my son.

The results were amazingly dramatic. We were just looking for relief from the allergy symptoms, but many other changes occurred in my son immediately after taking the remedy. Along with relief from the allergy symptoms, he stopped bed wetting and lost baby teeth that were long overdue to come out.

Over the years my family has found relief from many symptoms including an under active thyroid condition, the flu, ear infections and anxiety–all without the side effects of conventional medications! I recommend Julian Jonas without hesitation
— LW

I have been a patient of Julian’s for several years. Having seen a variety of naturopathic doctors over the past dozen years for conditions that were not improving, I chose Julian because of the “bent” he offers: that of looking even deeper at causes for physical manifestations.

Since beginning my work with Julian, I’ve experienced relief and, in some cases, the resolution of symptoms that I had begun to truly believe were here to stay. One example is a chronic skin condition that manifested as huge, painful boils beneath my armpits. Recalling some reading he’d done about the effects of mercury fillings in animal case studies, Julian connected the dots between this and my particular development of symptoms and recommended that I have my amalgams removed. I did so and within several months, my skin dramatically improved and remains thus.

Most significant for me has been the shift in a decades-long struggle with insomnia.

After a guided exploration into some of the physical responses I have when trying to fall asleep, a new remedy was recommended. With this remedy came for me a remarkable sense of relative ease in both my wakeful and sleeping worlds.

The overall picture of my experience to date under Julian’s care has been one of increased health and well-being.
— M.F.

I have suffered from migraines from childhood. The pain was enough, that I would feel nauseous. My wife who had used homeopathy for years suggested that I see Julian.

Julian provided a remedy, and I went migraine free for 9 months. That was 10 years ago. I have continued to see Julian over the years keeping my migraines at bay as well as working on other issues. The best part is I am able to address the migraines in a long-term manner and do not need to take drugs that leave me feeling wired.
— Mark Lessard

I’m so grateful that someone I trust recommended Julian Jonas to me when I was looking for a Homeopath. Julian is the real deal. He’s an expert in the field with many years of experience treating patients. He’s also highly intuitive and creative, and a session with him is never boring! He’s been able to help me with long-standing physical and emotional issues, and I’ve come to feel I can trust him with anything. I’ve already recommended him to others and will continue to do so.
— Mary Ellen Whitaker

Julian has been working with my son for the past year. I have been consistently impressed with his empathy and skill. He started seeing Fletcher regularly last january. We were very worried about his attention; eye contact; and speech. Fletcher is now 6 and has improved tremendously under Julian’s care. It is obvious that Julian cares about Fletcher and understands him. I trust him implicitly. He is accessible and easy to talk to. I am so thankful to have his help
— Molly Perry

Julian has always been available for guidance, suggesting homeopathic remedies, supplements or dietary changes. I have continued to see him over the years and greatly appreciate how he has helped me through many difficult health issues without drugs.
— Pauline B.

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with MS, and seven and a half years ago I started seeing Julian Jonas. He changed my diet, gave me supplements and homeopathic remedies. For me, the best news is that I have had no significant MS symptoms in eight years. In fact, I feel in better shape than I was before my diagnosis. Julian Jonas is an essential part of my regimen to maintain my health.
— Robert Gutherie

Julian has been an integral part of our family’s health care for over 20 years. We have always been amazed by his vast knowledge of the human system and his application of appropriate homeopathic remedies. Some of the remedies yield subtle corrective results, some abrupt (dramatic). As an example, I have gained relief from three different conditions with a single remedy. Julian’s knowledge leads him to see the connection.
— RS

A pet owner, I have always had my animals treated by a veterinarian who practices homeopathy. Over many years of witnessing the curing of various pet ailments, I was convinced that homeopathy works and that it would be my course of therapy should I ever fall ill. Illness knocked on my door a few days after my 36th birthday.

I was awakened in the middle of the night with heart palpitations so strong it felt as though my heart would jump right out of my body. I could feel my rapid pulse in all parts of my body. Because the symptoms came on so strong and so quickly, I opted to visit an M.D. who tested me for Lyme Disease. When that test came back negative she offered me anti-anxiety meds. I never visited her again.

Shortly after my literal heart-pounding experience, I would begin to shake internally for months everyday, 24 hours a day. My body was constantly moving internally so sleep easily evaded me. Assuming there was something neurologically wrong with me, I scheduled an appointment with a Neurologist who told me he was going to test me for MS. I could not accept such a diagnosis nor was I willing to go through his testing. I simply could not believe MS would just creep into my life the night I woke up with a pounding heart.

I finally found a Naturopathic doctor who ultimately termed my “shakes” as fasciculations which are involuntary muscle twitches. She treated me with vitamins and other supplements and an acupuncturist treated me weekly. I finally moved past the fasciculations phase but would come to realize, I was not healthy.

For years my body had been triggering me that something was wrong with my vitality in general. I would experience allergies/hayfever, headaches, interrupted sleep, digestive issues, slight depression and other symptoms I paid no attention to. Why would I? The Benadryl, the Excedrin, the melatonin supplements, the Tums, and the St. John’s Wort were doing the trick.

One day it clicked. My dogs were in such great health, why wouldn’t I choose homeopathy for myself? I had always said I would but instead chose to consult others. I finally arrived at Julian’s doorstep three years ago and have never been the same since! My first meeting with him was full of emotion and tears. I had been so frightened by my symptoms, especially my fasciculations, I was a person beaten down. I was emotionally and physically weak. I so badly wanted to be my old self again but could just feel the real essence of me slipping further and further away.

I have been treated by Julian ever since that day. I have transitioned from one remedy to the next finding that with each new remedy, I am finding the genuine “me.” I am emotionally stronger, my brain fog has cleared, I sleep well, my headaches are gone, and my digestive issues are in the process of being corrected. Thankfully, I no longer experience heart palpitations or fasciculations.

I would recommend seeing Julian if you are aiming to achieve health through natural means. Homeopathy has changed my life.
— Sandi Gromoshak – NH

I first went to see Julian Jonas in the mid-1990s. At that time in my life I was having excruciating arthritic pain in my feet and ankles, so much so that I was using crutches on a daily basis. I was taking pain medication prescribed by the rheumatology MDs at Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital in Dartmouth, New Hampshire. The drug killed the pain as long as I kept taking it but I was very worried about what else it was doing to my body. My PCP suggested I go to see Julian who at that time had his office in Saxtons River. I went to him several times and to this day I am free from arthritic pain.

Around that time I moved into my parents’ home to help them with some issues. They were both in their middle eighties and my father suffered from dementia. My mother could not in any way understand or relate to this man who had always been so good-natured and quiet and who now was very angry and yelled everything he said at the top of his lungs but didn’t seem to understand anything that was said to him. I took him to see Julian and he was given a remedy, and it was nothing short of a miracle that after I gave my dad the remedy (over three days), he was as calm and serene as a pond on a hot summer day! It literally saved us all.

Then, a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with atrial arrhythmia and was prescribed a beta blocker drug to control the symptoms. Unfortunately the drug also caused a severe skin reaction. I was prescribed a different [beta blocker] drug, but eventually it gave the same result. I tapered off and then stopped taking it, which was a very nerve-wracking ordeal because of the severe arrhythmia, but I felt really afraid to take any more drugs.

By then it had come to my attention that Julian had relocated his office to Brattleboro. I made an appointment and came away with a remedy which has in a very short time stopped the arrhythmia almost entirely. He also prescribed dietary supplements and herbal extracts and I feel much better overall than I have in a very long time.
— SA

Homeopathy is a wonderful way to healing: it’s not expensive (compared with Western Medicine), it won’t hurt you, and it may very well heal you. It did me.

I had palpitations, missing beats, which were getting progressively worse. I went to a cardiologist, who told me that the cure was worse than the disease, but if I fainted or anything to come back. So I decided to go to Julian, since I had taken some of his classes and thought he was probably the best homeopath around.

His treatment was gradual, not like a bomb of an antibiotic, but after taking a few tiny pills dissolved in water for three days every two months, in six months I was cured. It has been 5 years and it has not recurred!
— Terry Lyons

I first found myself in Julian’s office as a weeping, weary mess. My health had declined steadily over several years, and I was getting no relief (and even worse, no answers) from my physician (several physicians, actually). There is nothing worse than feeling ill only to be told there “is nothing wrong” from a clinical standpoint. I decided that I must either do something different, or wait to become “clinically sick” in order to get help (and I knew there would be no help, but only a long, slow path to eventual death, all the while suffering from chronic “almost-but-not-quite” sickness.). I wanted to get my vitality back, my good spirits, and my love for life. I wanted to feel like myself again, rather than feeling like the tired, broken down, weary, angry, “almost sick” person I had become. A friend of mine who had taken his sick child to Julian referred me, but still I held on to that phone number for a number of months before I finally called. I still don’t know why, other than I felt so drained and so hopeless, I just didn’t have the energy to face one more disappointment related to my health and inability to gain it back.

Calling the Center for Homeopathy is a decision I will never regret, and in fact, it is a phone number I pass along to others with encouragement. I had never heard of Homeopathy. Gratefully, I am on the road to finding my health. In fact, I am so impressed by the healing (and cure) I am experiencing through Julian’s care that I have become a student of Homeopathy myself. My sons have also been treated by Julian and have benefited from their treatment. My youngest was treated successfully with Homeopathy after an accident left him seriously injured. He recovered remarkably after surgery without the use of narcotic pain medications. I can’t think of a greater gift to my children than to introduce them to a health care method that works to treat the whole person and achieve cure.

Whether you are sick, suffering chronically, or not – it pays to be under the care of a Homeopath to gain and keep your health and balance. Don’t delay or put off your well-being. You are worth the investment.
— Val Lovelace – Poland, Maine

My girls and I have had many successes with Julian. He has cured various skin problems, guided me into healthy eating and helped us all deal with the ups and downs of daily life. I trust him with all of our welfare. My favorite story is this: In the wake of her sister Mae being born, my eldest daughter Emma was, among other things, quite grumpy. She had particular difficulty in the morning, making it very hard to get to school on time. In fact, she would literally drag her feet, walk way behind me and her sister and glare. NEVER did she smile or willingly give me a hug and a kiss. I used to tease her that she had better get used to me kissing her before she went off for her day because it was going to happen at least for the rest of her life. At any rate, every day I reminded her to look me in the eye, give me a hug and say goodbye. It was not torture for her, but it was not a pleasure. And of course, this was not the only difficult event in the day. Julian suggested I bring her in. She very unwillingly met with Julian. Very few words were shared because of her hesitations. A remedy was suggested and given. On the third day of the remedy, the Mae (then two years old), Emma and I drove off to school. Emma got out, I got out to say goodbye and she initiated a hug and kiss for the first time. then she turned off to go to school, turned and ran back for an even bigger hug. She then ran over to her sister’s window and smiled a big goodbye. As we drove off, Mae said, “Mom, she’s happy!” It was then, of course, that I cried. What a change had occurred. The remedy worked and continues to do so.
— Vicky Bippart

I have been studying and applying homeopathy to my circumstances and those of family, friends and neighbors for thirty years. It has been a satisfying and mostly successful journey. I have three healthy adult children who are also using homeopathy to care for those around them and no friends have sued me for malpractice. My mentor for all this taught me a first-aid version of homeopathy.

Two years ago I was burdened by the expense of the sessions with my practitioner and the cost of owning and inconvenience of using so many remedies. At that time I was faced with serious syndromes and annoying symptoms that I had been dealing with for years. I contacted Julian Jonas who practices homeopathy by taking into account the constitution of person in his care and have been happy with the results.

I am doing well physically, mentally and emotionally. But most of all I have confidence that I do not have to be overwhelmed by unforeseen illness.
— Pat C.
I had been looking for a homeopath for myself for quite some time. I have a fabulous veterinary homeopath I have been working with for many years, so I asked him if he knew of a good human homeopath. As it turns out, Julian is the homeopath for my homeopathic vet! I figured my vet knew what he was talking about, as he is a gifted homeopath for animals, so I contacted Julian.

Long story short, Julian has been treating me for over a year now. He is outstanding. I am so impressed with a good homeopath, as it is, in my opinion, a unique mix of science, art, and intuition. Julian has all of those qualities. I enjoy our sessions (I am in California, so Skype is the perfect way to have an ‘in person’ visit), and Julian has helped me with problems I had dealt with for many years. I look forward to our continuing relationship!
— LM

I have been seeing Julian for quite a few years now. When I first met him I had seen over 20 doctors, many who told me my problems were all psychological. I would not accept this, and finally Julian proved me right. I suffered from severe shaking, dizziness, difficulty concentrating and balance problems. I had not been able to drive my car, relying upon my husband getting me everywhere. With the changes in my diet that Julian suggested and homeopathic remedies, I am feeling so much better.

Today I still see Julian, as long as I pace myself, watch my diet and take my remedy, life is good. I can truly say Julian gave me my life back. My husband and I are both so thankful I found him.
— Sally Rochon
It was through Dr. Julian Jonas’ writings that I first became acquainted with him. I began reading one of the fifty or so articles on his website, thinking to explore just a couple paragraphs, but found I couldn’t stop. I have subsequently read many more and, as Editor of, reprinted some in our global journal.

Sadly, contemporary writing is mostly terse, practical and colorless. I was surprised then to find Julian Jonas’ writing to be like the rich, descriptive, personal writing of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He forms compelling images of people and places, always mingled with his subjective impressions (“Always an adventure”). With his broad range of knowledge, he makes elegant connections between seemingly disparate topics. A keen observer of our times, his work is often poignant (“Homeopathy and Dying”), inspiring (“Homeopathic Hospital at Palghar”), philosophic (“Dying for Sleep”) and with an edge of justice and social change (“Alan Yurko”). These are artistic morsels to be savored and I continue to enjoy them.
— Allan V. Schmuckler, Editor —