I started seeing Julian Jonas in August of 1998, when I decided that traditional medicine was not helping my chronic sinus infections. Prior to that, I was prescribed antibiotics at least 4 times per year, in hopes of clearing up my sinus infections only to have little relief while on them, and back to square one within weeks of finishing up my prescriptions.

After my first session with Julian, I was given my remedy and within two weeks, I not only noticed that I felt better and my sinuses were clear, but that both nasal passages were clear and I could breath better than I can remember since I was a child. It is January of 2012 and since my first visit with Julian 14 years ago, I have not had to go on antibiotics for sinuses since!

Since then, I have seen him for Colitis/Crohn’s disease (after traditional meds did not help) and have been in remission since last March.

The list goes on and on with the things he has helped my family and me with. I am so grateful to have found him!

Thank you Julian!!!! You have changed my life!
— Erin Schreiner

In 2009 I was diagnosed with a rare, degenerative heart condition called Arrythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia (ARVD). The main symptom of my condition is ventricular tachycardia which is a potentially fatal rapid heartbeat. I was experiencing thèse palpitations daily. In the first 6 months of my diagnosis I underwent three heart procedures and was admitted to hospital 6 times.

I saw Julian Jonas for the first time in 2011 after moving to the United States from Australia. After two intense probing consultations, Julian prescribed a remedy to me which I began to take. Shortly after taking the remedy I experienced an aggravation which resulted in even more palpitations but immediately after that my symptoms improved dramatically. Since being on this remedy I have much fewer palpitations, I no longer have menstrual irregularities and I’ve experienced a significant improvement in my energy levels.

I now live and work in a third world country which would be a difficult undertaking even for the healthiest person and my cardiologists back home are perplexed by how much I’m improving, especially considering I’m supposed to be degenerating! It’s with a sincere, grateful and healthy heart that I recommend Julian Jonas to anyone who has the good fortune to come in contact with him.
— Carolyn
I have M.S. and I was taking shots 3 times a week for ten years. The shots were making me very depressed and the fatigue was unbearable. I asked my neurologist if I could start seeing a homeopath and she had no objections.

I had an appointment with Julian after which he gave me a remedy. I I couldn’t believe how much energy I continue to have after taking it! I am also off my antidepressants and my mood is much better and I feel healthier.
Thank you Julian.

— Deb Brosseau
Julian has been my homeopath for over 20 years. I have a wonderful sense of confidence in his work and he has improved my health in many different ways over our long relationship. Two of the more remarkable successes were his work with my 3 year old daughter in overcoming “selective mutism” with homeopathic remedies and more recently in healing me from rocky mountain spotted fever. While traditional antibiotics rid me of the fever, I was left with debilitating mental decline and severe loss of energy. Over a span of months, I regained clear thinking and energy by following his protocols.

For me, having Julian available to help with any health issues is a key support in my life. Julian has very deep knowledge and experience with homeopathy; he also has an ever broadening toolkit of other alternative healing options he can bring to a particular health issue. I have been the beneficiary of these as well.

My visits with Julian are now done via Skype video chats as I now live in the Southeast states. He has a remarkable ability to glean the subtle differences in me as well as any larger acute symptoms. I don’t believe there is any substitute for having someone like Julian who works so hard to have full understanding of my health and then brings decades of experience to bear in selecting the best personal remedy.
— Gail Schneider
Julian has been working with my son for the past year. I have been consistently impressed with his empathy and skill. He started seeing Fletcher regularly last january. We were very worried about his attention; eye contact; and speech. Fletcher is now 6 and has improved tremendously under Julian’s care. It is obvious that Julian cares about Fletcher and understands him. I trust him implicitly. He is accessible and easy to talk to. I am so thankful to have his help.
— Molly Perry