Alan Yurko and thousands of supporters worldwide are rejoicing. After winning a landmark legal battle in Orlando, Florida last August, Alan was freed after seven years in prison. Yurko was convicted of murdering his newborn son by the so-called Shaken Baby Syndrome. However, hundreds of doctors, scientists, and health-freedom activists were able to overturn Yurko’s conviction as new evidence uncovered proved his baby was killed by bad vaccines (hot-lots), hospital overdoses of heparin, other drugs, and bad medicine. Equally disturbing was the fact that the coroner, Dr. Shashi Gore, cross-contaminated the autopsy with other cadavers, body parts, and data. Orlando Judge Alan Lawson threw out the murder conviction and gave a strong televised oral opinion noting five separate issues, which included prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective assistance of counsel, new evidence, and of course the disturbing medical issues. “I don’t know how you can maintain public trust in a system of justice if you let stand a conviction obtained through the reliance of an autopsy that’s so later thoroughly discredited,” said Lawson to the court and the public. A special plea-bargain was arranged, and Yurko was released hours later into a sea of TV cameras and dozens of supporters who flew to Orlando to witness the event, some from as far away as Australia and Great Britain.

The Final Yurko Update-Great News!