Treating Lyme Disease with Homeopathy

Amongst the various treatment methods that have proliferated in response to the ongoing epidemic of Lyme Disease, homeopathy has a unique and valuable place.  It is distinguished by a number of attributes, chief amongst them being flexibility, individuality and, to coin a term, 'constitutionality'.

People afflicted with Lyme present in various stages of the disease.  The homeopathic practitioner has at his or her disposal a vast array of medicines that allow for a great deal of flexibility in prescribing the most appropriate remedy for each stage.  

A Tale of Two Brothers

It’s been a number of years since I first met the two brothers, Jordan and Samuel. They were as different as two persons could be. Samuel, age 6 at the time, was a gentle, cheerful fellow – easy to smile and easy to talk to. Jordan, 3 years his elder, was retiring and sullen. Communicating with him was challenging at best. And his thin, wiry build was contrasted with the soft, full frame of his younger brother. Reflecting the difference in their constitutional nature, each boy was brought in for quite different reasons. Samuel easily developed respiratory ailments that turned into a bronchitis or asthmatic wheezing. Jordan’s issues were only paritially physical as they had strong emotional and behavioral components.

The Diabetes Dilemma

During my recent trip to the Indian city of Pune, I was told more than once that twenty years ago it was a slow paced, relaxed place quite distinct from Mumbai, its enormous, frenetic, over-populated neighbor to the north. Unfortunately, that atmosphere appears to have been a casualty of ‘progress’ as the city epitomizes India’s headlong rush into modernity. Once a city of bicycles, the streets are now filled with all varieties of motorized vehicles whose drivers seem to be playing an endless game of chicken with each other and pay little heed to pedestrians whatsoever. The air quality likewise has suffered from the traffic and industrial growth. Many people take on the ‘bandit look’, wrapping their mouths and nose with a scarf or kerchief to filter out the pollution.