Better Than Maple Syrup

It’s no secret that heroin is to be found just about anywhere in the region.  The governor of Vermont devoted most of his state of the State speech to the epidemic; a national magazine infamously had a cover story about it complete with a front-page picture of a Vermonter shooting up heroin as the replacement image on what would have been a can of maple syrup.

 In a small state like Vermont, it quickly gets close and personal.   Heroin is not ghettoized into a specific community or group here.  It’s less than comforting when your children are attending the funeral of a friend who overdosed or live across the street from a smack house.  A friend told me that his high school aged child couldn’t get away from the stuff – it was in school, it was at work, it was at play.  Another friend sent their child, recent college graduate, across the country to get away from this drug infested environment.