estrogen mimicry


Concerned about the antibiotic residues in the chicken you are eating?  It turns out that antibiotics is only one of a number of ‘additives’ that may be finding their way into poultry meat. Scientists from Johns Hopkins and Arizona State University researching the presence of antibiotics in poultry not only detected banned antibiotics but also found traces of Benadryl, Tylenol, caffeine, arsenic and personal care products (which could mean anything from chapstick to cosmetics to perfume).1

 To quote one of the authors of the study, “It is unbelievable what we found...."

Estrogen Pollution

When a person seeks out my advice and/or assistance about a healthcare problem, a primary goal is not only to understand the nature of the symptoms but also to understand the context of the complaint. Discomfort and disease do not just arise, they arise out of something — an environment, an inheritance, an experience.

The difference between symptom relief and cure in medical treatment most often depends on the depth of this understanding. This is the great challenge: to explore all the factors related to a person’s health in the unique context of his or her life. It demands time, perserverance and perceptive abilities.

HRT - Going, Going, Gone?

HRT - GOING, GOING, GONE? Since landmark research a few years back, the cat has finally gotten out of the bag on hormone replacement therapy. As was widely reported, a large, longterm federal study on HRT was halted because the women taking hormones in the study had a clear increase in the incidence of breast cancer. Actually, it wasn’t only cancer: the study showed that there was also an increased risk for heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots.

Millions of women have gotten the message. Pharmaceutical companies are reporting dramatic drops in sales of the estrogen containing drugs that once were touted as the latest medical miracle, and even up until a few months ago were often routinely prescribed for women for no other reason than that their periods had stopped.